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Enable Brotli

By default, Brotli compression is enabled for domains on Free and Pro plans and disabled for domains on Business and Enterprise plans.

To enable Brotli compression:

  1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard, and select your account and website.
  2. Go to Speed > Optimization > Content Optimization.
  3. For Brotli, toggle the switch to On.

​​ Notes about end-to-end compression

Even when using the same compression algorithm end to end (between your origin server and Cloudflare, and between the Cloudflare global network and your website visitor), Cloudflare will need to decompress the response and compress it again if you enable any of the following options for the request:

To disable these features for specific URI paths, create a Configuration Rule.

Additionally, Cloudflare Fonts also requires Cloudflare to decompress the response and compress it again, and cannot be disabled through Rules at this time.