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Verified Bot Categories

You can segment your verified bot traffic by its type and purpose by adding the Verified Bot Categories field cf.verified_bot_category as a filter criteria in WAF Custom rules, Advanced Rate Limiting, and Late Transform rules.

​​ Categories

  • Academic research: Internet Archive, Library of Congress, TurnItInBot
  • Accessibility
  • Advertising or marketing: Google Adsbot
  • Aggregators: Pinterest, Indeed Jobsbot
  • AI Crawler: Google Bard, ChatGPT bot
  • Feed fetcher: RSS or Podcast feed updaters
  • Monitoring or analytics: Uptime Monitors
  • Page preview: Facebook, Slack, Twitter, or Discord Link Preview tools
  • Search engine crawler: Googlebot, Bingbot, Yandexbot, Baidubot
  • Search engine optimization: Google Lighthouse, GT Metrix, Pingdom, AddThis
  • Security: Vulnerability Scanners, SSL Domain Control Validation (DCV) Check Tools
  • Webhooks: Payment processors, WordPress Integration tools
  • Other

​​ Availability

Verified Bot Categories is available to all Bots customers.