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Bot Tags

Bot tags provide more detail about why Cloudflare assigned a bot score to a request.

Use these tags to learn more about your bot traffic and better inform security settings.

​​ Potential values

Once you enable Bot Tags, you can see more information about bot requests, such as whether a request came from a verified bot (like Bing) or a category of verified bot (like SearchEngine).

The following values are examples of what may be present in the BotTags log field, but not an exhaustive list:

  • api
  • google
  • bing
  • googleAds
  • googleMedia
  • googleImageProxy
  • pinterest
  • newRelic
  • baidu
  • apple
  • yandex

​​ Enable bot tags

To enable bot tags, include the BotTags log field when using our Logpush service.

​​ Limitations

Currently, Bot Tags are only available in log fields.

Future work will add more values and extend Bot Tags to other Cloudflare products.