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Cloudflare’s Bot Products

While Cloudflare offers several products that mitigate and identify bot traffic, this section reviews our bot-specific products, Bot Fight Mode and Bot Management for Enterprise.

Differences between Bot Fight Mode and Bot Management for Enterprise

Bot Fight ModeBot Management for Enterprise
AvailabilityFree for all customers, regardless of plan*Added to Enterprise plans by your account team
EnablementToggle in Firewall > ToolsQuick onboarding with help from our Solutions Engineering team
Type of bots detectedSimple bots identified by common heuristicsSimple and sophisticated bots, identified by rigorous detection engines
ActionsCloudflare issues a computationally-expensive challengeCustomer chooses from several options, including block, CAPTCHA challenge, and JS challenge
AnalyticsLimited analytics available in Firewall EventsDedicated Bot Analytics tool, available in the Firewall
Additional controlApplied to all traffic across a domainAbility to restrict by path, IP address, and more. Access to “bot score” field in Firewall, Workers, and Logs

*When users purchase Bot Management for Enterprise, Cloudflare automatically replaces Bot Fight Mode to prevent configuration overlap.

Which bot solution do I need?

If you have a smaller site and have identified a bot problem, we recommend Bot Fight Mode which is free for all customers. You can enable Bot Fight Mode from your dashboard, but you cannot set specific bot rules or tune your configuration.

If you have a large, sophisticated site with a lot of traffic, we recommend Bot Management for Enterprise, especially for customers in ecommerce, banking and security. To enable Bot Management for Enterprise and write rules to customize your bot protection, contact the Solutions Engineering team.

How do I get started?

Review our guides for Bot Fight Mode and Bot Management for Enterprise. If you have any questions, visit the community to engage with other Cloudflare users.