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Cloudflare bot products

While Cloudflare offers several products that mitigate and identify bot traffic, this section reviews our bot-specific products, Bot Fight Mode, Super Bot Fight Mode, and Bot Management for Enterprise.

What is a bot?

A bot is a software application programmed to do certain tasks. For a more thorough definition and real-world examples of bots, see our Learning Center.

Which bot solution do I need?

If you have a smaller domain and have identified a bot problem, we recommend Bot Fight Mode or Super Bot Fight Mode (included with your plan subscription). You can enable either from your dashboard, but these solutions offer limited configuration options.

If you have a large, sophisticated domain with a lot of traffic, we recommend Bot Management for Enterprise, especially for customers in ecommerce, banking, and security. To enable Bot Management for Enterprise and write rules to customize your bot protection, contact your account team.

To see the differences in features and functionality, visit Plans.

How does Cloudflare detect bots?

Cloudflare uses a variety of methods to detect bots. For more details, see Plans.

How do I get started?

To get started, review our setup guides. If you have any questions, visit the community to engage with other Cloudflare users.