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Vectorize bills based on:

  • Queried Vector Dimensions: The total number of vector dimensions queried. If you have 10,000 vectors with 384-dimensions in an index, and make 100 queries against that index, your total queried vector dimensions would sum to ((10000 + 100) * 384) 3.878 million.
  • Stored Vector Dimensions: The total number of vector dimensions stored. If you have 1,000 vectors with 1536-dimensions in an index, your stored vector dimensions sum to 1.56 million.

You are not billed for CPU, memory, “active index hours”, or the number of indexes you create. If you are not issuing queries against your indexes, you are not billed for queried vector dimensions.

​​ Billing metrics

Workers PaidWorkers Free 1
Total queried vector dimensionsFirst 50 million queried vector dimensions / month included + $0.040 per million30 million queried vector dimensions / month
Total stored vector dimensionsFirst 10 million stored vector dimensions + $0.040 per million5 million stored vector dimensions

1 Vectorize will be available to developers on the Workers Free plan in the future.

​​ Calculating vector dimensions

To calculate your potential usage, calculate the sum of your stored + queried vectors, multiply by the dimension size, and multiply by the unit price (divided by 1 million). The formula is defined as (stored vectors + queried vectors) * dimensions * ($0.040 / 1000000)

  • For example, inserting 10,000 vectors of 768 dimensions each, and querying those 1,000 times per day (30,000 times per month) would be calculated as (30000 * 768) = 23,040,000 queried dimensions and (10000 * 768) = 7,680,000 stored dimensions (within the included monthly allocation)
  • Separately, and excluding the included monthly allocation, this would be calculated as (30,000+10,000) * 768 * ($0.040 / 1,000,000) and sum to $1.23 per month.

​​ Usage examples

The following table defines a number of example use-cases and the estimated monthly cost for querying a Vectorize index. These estimates do not include the Vectorize usage that is part of the Workers Free and Paid plans.

WorkloadDimensions per vectorStored dimensionsQueries per monthCalculationEstimated total
Experiment3845,000 vectors10,000(5000+10000)*384*(0.040/1000000)$0.24 / mo included
Scaling76825,000 vectors50,000(25000+50000)*768*(0.040/1000000)$2.31 / mo partial
Production76850,000 vectors200,000(50000+200000)*768*(0.040/1000000)$7.68 / mo
Large768250,000 vectors500,000(250000+500000)*768*(0.040/1000000)$23.04 / mo
XL1536500,000 vectors1,000,000(500000+1000000)*1536*(0.040/1000000)$92.16 / mo

included All of this usage would fall into the Vectorize usage included in the Workers Free or Paid plan.

most Most of this usage would fall into the Vectorize usage included within the Workers Paid plan.

​​ Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions related to Vectorize pricing:

  • When will Vectorize start charging me?

We intend to enable billing for Vectorize usage in January 2024.

  • Will Vectorize always have a free tier?

Yes, the Workers free tier will always include the ability to prototype and experiment with Vectorize for free.

  • What happens if I exceed the monthly included reads, writes and/or storage on the paid tier?

You will be billed for the additional reads, writes and storage according to Vectorize’s pricing.

  • Does Vectorize charge for data transfer / egress?


  • Do queries I issue from the HTTP API or the wrangler command-line count as billable usage?

Yes: any queries you issue against your index, including from the Workers API, HTTP API and CLI all count as usage.

  • Does an empty index, with no vectors, contribute to storage?

No. Empty indexes do not count as stored vector dimensions.