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Queues10,000 per account beta
Message size128 KB 1
Message retries100
Maximum consumer batch size100 messages beta
Maximum messages per sendBatch call100 (or 256KB in total)
Batch wait time60 seconds
Per-queue message throughput 2400 messages per second 3
Message retention period 44 days (96 hours)
Per-queue backlog size 525GB
Concurrent consumer invocations20 push-based only
Consumer invocation duration15 minutes 6
visibilityTimeout (pull-based queues)12 hours
delaySeconds (when sending or retrying)12 hours
Requests to the Queues API (incl. pulls/acks)1200 requests / 5 mins

beta This limit is beta only and is expected to increase over time.

1 1 KB is measured as 1000 bytes. Messages can include up to ~100 bytes of internal metadata that counts towards total message limits.

2 The maximum message throughput per queue will continue to increase during the beta period.

3 Exceeding the maximum message throughput will cause the send() and sendBatch() methods to throw an exception with a Too Many Requests error until your producer falls below the limit.

4 Messages in a queue that reach the maximum message retention are deleted from the queue. Queues does not delete messages in the same queue that have not reached this limit.

5 Individual queues that reach this limit will receive a Storage Limit Exceeded error when calling send() or sendBatch() on the queue.

6 Refer to Workers limits.