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Cloudflare Queues charges for the total number of operations against each of your queues during a given month.

  • An operation is counted for each 64 KB of data that is written, read, or deleted.
  • Messages larger than 64 KB are charged as if they were multiple messages: for example, a 65 KB message and a 127 KB message would both incur two operation charges when written, read, or deleted.
  • A KB is defined as 1,000 bytes, and each message includes approximately 100 bytes of internal metadata.
  • Operations are per message, not per batch. A batch of 10 messages (the default batch size), if processed, would incur 10x write, 10x read, and 10x delete operations: one for each message in the batch.
  • There are no data transfer (egress) or throughput (bandwidth) charges.
Free TierPaid
Standard operations1,000,000 operations / month$0.40 / million operations

In most cases, it takes 3 operations to deliver a message: 1 write, 1 read, and 1 delete. Therefore, you can use the following formula to estimate your monthly bill:

((Number of Messages * 3) - 1,000,000) / 1,000,000  * $0.40


  • Each retry incurs a read operation. A batch of 10 messages that is retried would incur 10 operations for each retry.
  • Messages that reach the maximum retries and that are written to a Dead Letter Queue incur a write operation for each 64 KB chunk. A message that was retried 3 times (the default), fails delivery on the fourth time and is written to a Dead Letter Queue would incur five (5) read operations.
  • Messages that are written to a queue, but that reach the maximum persistence duration (or “expire”) before they are read, incur only a write and delete operation per 64 KB chunk.

​​ Examples

If an application writes, reads and deletes (consumes) one million messages a day (in a 30 day month), and each message is less than 64 KB in size, the estimated bill for the month would be:

Total UsageFree UsageBilled UsagePrice
Standard operations3 * 30 * 1,000,0001,000,00089,000,000$35.60
(write, read, delete)

An application that writes, reads and deletes (consumes) 100 million ~127 KB messages (each message counts as two 64 KB chunks) per month would have an estimated bill resembling the following:

Total UsageFree UsageBilled UsagePrice
Standard operations2 * 3 * 100 * 1,000,0001,000,000599,000,000$239.60
(2x ops for > 64KB messages)