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List availability varies according to the list type and your Cloudflare plan and subscriptions.




Number of custom lists


Custom lists with IPs (IP lists)


Other custom lists (ASNs, hostnames)


Managed IP List: Cloudflare Open Proxies


All Managed IP Lists

NoNoNoWith separate add-on


  • The number of available custom lists depends on the highest plan in your account. Any account with at least one paid plan will get the highest quota.

  • You can have a maximum number of 10,000 list items across all custom lists.

  • The Cloudflare Enterprise plan provides access to the Cloudflare Open Proxies Managed IP List. Other Managed IP Lists are available as part of Enterprise Security Bundles. For more information, contact your account team.

  • Customers on Enterprise plans may contact their account team if they need more custom lists or a larger maximum number of items across lists. For these customers, the maximum number of custom lists per data type is 40 lists.

  • For details on the availability of Bulk Redirect Lists, refer to the Rules documentation.