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Security Insights

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Security Insights provides you with a list of insights, covering different areas of your Cloudflare environment, such as: Cloudflare account settings, DNS record configurations, SSL/TLS certificates configurations, Cloudflare Access configurations and Cloudflare WAF configurations.

​​ Dashboard analytics

Security Insights focuses on your Cloudflare environment by running security scans at regular intervals. Instead of navigating through each of your domains to review their security issues, the Security Center aggregates all of them into a single dashboard.

Security Insights Overview

The list of insights may include potential security threats, vulnerabilities, compliance risks, insecure configurations, or any other identified risks.

​​ Severity properties

Each insight that is discovered by the Security Insights scan will have the following properties assigned to them:

  • Severity: The security risk of the insight. The severity values are: Moderate, High, and Critical.
  • Insight: The insight description detailing the current configuration that is causing the risk or vulnerability.
  • Risk: A description of the risk associated with not addressing the issue.
  • Type: The insight category.