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POST example

POST zones/{zone_id}/firewall/rules

Creates one or more firewall rules.


curl -X POST \     -H "X-Auth-Email:" \     -H "X-Auth-Key: REDACTED" \     -H "Content-Type: application/json" \     -d '[  {    "filter": {      "id": "b7ff25282d394be7b945e23c7106ce8a"    },    "action": "allow",    "description": "do not challenge login from office"  },  {    "filter": {      "id": "c218c536b2bd406f958f278cf0fa8c0f"    },    "action": "challenge",    "description": "challenge login"  },  {    "filter": {      "id": "f2a64520581a4209aab12187a0081364"    },    "action": "js_challenge",    "description": "JS challenge site"  },  {    "filter": {      "id": "14217d7bd5ab435e84b1bd468bf4fb9f"    },    "action": "allow",    "description": "allow API traffic without challenge"  }]' ""


{  "result": [    {      "id": "f2d427378e7542acb295380d352e2ebd",      "paused": false,      "description": "do not challenge login from office",      "action": "allow",      "priority": null,      "filter": {        "id": "b7ff25282d394be7b945e23c7106ce8a",        "expression": "ip.src in {2400:cb00::/32 2405:8100::/32 2405:b500::/32 2606:4700::/32 2803:f800::/32 2c0f:f248::/32 2a06:98c0::/29} and (http.request.uri.path ~ \"^.*/wp-login.php$\" or http.request.uri.path ~ \"^.*/xmlrpc.php$\")",        "paused": false,        "description": "Login from office"      }    },    {      "id": "cbf4b7a5a2a24e59a03044d6d44ceb09",      "paused": false,      "description": "challenge login",      "action": "challenge",      "priority": null,      "filter": {        "id": "c218c536b2bd406f958f278cf0fa8c0f",        "expression": "(http.request.uri.path ~ \"^.*/wp-login.php$\" or http.request.uri.path ~ \"^.*/xmlrpc.php$\")",        "paused": false,        "description": "Login"      }    },    {      "id": "52161eb6af4241bb9d4b32394be72fdf",      "paused": false,      "description": "JS challenge site",      "action": "js_challenge",      "priority": null,      "filter": {        "id": "f2a64520581a4209aab12187a0081364",        "expression": "not http.request.uri.path matches \"^/api/.*$\"",        "paused": false,        "description": "not /api"      }    },    {      "id": "4ae338944d6143378c3cf05a7c77d983",      "paused": false,      "description": "allow API traffic without challenge",      "action": "allow",      "priority": null,      "filter": {        "id": "14217d7bd5ab435e84b1bd468bf4fb9f",        "expression": "http.request.uri.path matches \"^/api/.*$\"",        "paused": false,        "description": "/api"      }    }  ],  "success": true,  "errors": null,  "messages": null}