Before getting started

Cloudflare Firewall Rules offer power and flexibility by targeting HTTP traffic and applying custom criteria to block, challenge, log, or allow certain requests.

In essence, firewall rules allow you to examine incoming site traffic. Requests matching the criteria you defined are subject to a specific action in response.

Cloudflare Firewall Rules can affect how traffic from known bots is handled. For details, see this FAQ.

Before getting started, learn about entitlements below.


Firewall Rules allows you to create many rules. However, the number of active rules on your site is limited based on your customer plan.

The table below summarizes Firewall Rules entitlements per customer plan:

Customer plan Maximum #
active rules
Actions Support for
matches operator
Free 5 No Log No
Pro 20 No Log No
Business 100 No Log Yes
Enterprise 1000 All Yes

The number of active rules per plan is fixed. You cannot purchase additional active rules at this time.

Get started!

Prior to configuring your rules, become familiar with the following building blocks of Firewall Rules:

Next, you can manage your firewall rules via: