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Firewall Rules
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To invoke a Cloudflare Firewall Rules API operation, append the endpoint to the Cloudflare API base URL:

For authentication instructions, refer to Getting Started: Requests in the Cloudflare API documentation.

For help with endpoints and pagination, refer to Getting Started: Endpoints.

The Cloudflare Firewall Rules API supports the operations outlined below. Visit the pages in this section for examples.

OperationMethod & EndpointNotes
Create firewall rulesPOST zones/<ZONE_ID>/firewall/rulesHandled as a single transaction. If there is an error, the entire operation fails.
List firewall rulesGET zones/<ZONE_ID>/firewall/rulesLists all current firewall rules. Results return paginated with 25 items per page by default. Use optional parameters to narrow results.
Get a firewall ruleGET zones/<ZONE_ID>/firewall/rules/<RULE_ID>Retrieve a single firewall rule by ID.
Update firewall rulesPUT zones/<ZONE_ID>/firewall/rulesHandled as a single transaction. All rules must exist for operation to succeed. If there is an error, the entire operation fails.
Update a firewall rulePUT zones/<ZONE_ID>/firewall/rules/<RULE_ID>Update a single firewall rule by ID.
Delete firewall rulesDELETE zones/<ZONE_ID>/firewall/rules

Delete existing firewall rules. Must specify list of firewall rule IDs.

Empty requests result in no deletion. Returns HTTP status code 200 if a specified rule does not exist.

Delete a firewall ruleDELETE zones/<ZONE_ID>/firewall/rules/<RULE_ID>

Delete a firewall rule by ID.