JSON object

Filters object structure and properties

A filter JSON object has the following structure:

    "id": "6f58318e7fa2477a23112e8118c66f61",
    "expression": "http.request.uri.path ~ \"^.*/wp-login.php$\" or http.request.uri.path ~ \"^.*/xmlrpc.php$\""
    "paused": true,
    "description": "Wordpress login paths",
    "ref": ""

The table below summarizes the JSON object properties.

id- ID generated by Cloudflare32-char UUIDv4 identifier- Unique
- Read-only
expression- A filter expressionSee expressions- Required
- Double quotes are escaped because of the double quoted JSON value
paused- Indicates if the filter is active



- Optional
- Default is false
description- To briefly describe the filter
- Omitted from object if empty

- Optional
- Default is empty

ref- Unique, user-supplied identifier or referenceAt user's discretion- Useful for identifying a filter if Cloudflare ID is unknown