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Troubleshooting other type of errors

Some other type of errors might be returned to visitors for proxied requests depending on the origin configuration.


Requests proxied by Cloudflare may result with an error for the visitors with ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR visible in the Developer Tools Console. These errors are usually due to an issue on the origin web server configuration, but might only materialize when requests are proxied by Cloudflare depending on the client browser’s behavior.

  • A malformed HTTP response header on the origin web server.

Resolution: Make a request directly to your origin server and take a look at the HTTP response headers and see if you can see anything that looks abnormal. Make sure that the field values are respecting the following requirements: RFC 9110, RFC 9113 and RFC 5234.

  • A compression issue, for example the origin server is serving gzip encoded compressed content but is not updating the content-length header, or the origin is serving broken gzip compressed content.

Resolution: In this case you can try to disable compression at your origin and rely on Cloudflare to compress content You can also investigate the configuration of your origin server to make sure the compression is working as expected.