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Cloudflare Radar

Get access to Cloudflare’s data on global Internet traffic.
Available on all plans

Cloudflare Radar is a hub that showcases global Internet traffic, attacks, and technology trends and insights. It is powered by data from Cloudflare’s global network, as well as aggregated and anonymized data from Cloudflare’s public DNS resolver.

Using Radar’s API you can access Cloudflare’s data on global Internet traffic.

Radar’s API is free, allowing academics, data sleuths and other web enthusiasts to investigate Internet usage across the globe.

Data available via Radar API endpoints is made available under the CC BY-NC 4.0 license.

​​ Features

​​ Make your first API request

Start learning how to use Radar’s API by making your first request.

​​ Compare data

What to know before making comparisons between locations, autonomous systems and more.