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Use egress policies to deliver consistent egress IPs

  1 min read

Egress policies allow you to determine whether your organization’s traffic egresses via the default Cloudflare IP or via a dedicated egress IP assigned to your account.

To create a new egress policy:

  1. In Zero Trust, go to Gateway > Egress Policies.

  2. Select Add a policy.

  3. Name the policy.

  4. Build a logical expression that defines the traffic you want to control egress for. For example, you can add a policy to configure all traffic destined for a thrid-party network to use a static source IP:

    Policy nameSelectorOperatorValueEgress method
    Access third-party providerDestination IPis198.51.100.158Dedicated Cloudflare egress IPs
    Primary IPv4 addressIPv6 address
  5. Select Create policy.

For more information, refer to Egress policies.