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PUT example

Create Version

Use the request to modify an existing root ruleset. This creates a new version of the root rulelset.

PUT /rulesets/{root-ruleset-id}

You can only update the root ruleset owned by your account.


The following request modifies a root ruleset to deploy a managed ruleset.

curl -X PUT \"{account_id}/rulesets/{root_ruleset_id}" --data '{  "description": "My Root ruleset deploying managed ruleset",   "rules": [    {      "action": "execute",      "expression": " eq \"\"",       "action_parameters":      {        "id": "{managedRulesetID}"      }    }]}'


{  "result":  {    "id": "{root_ruleset_id}",    "name": "Example ruleset",    "description": "My Root ruleset deploying managed ruleset"    "kind": "root",    "version": "2",    "rules": [      {        "id": "rule-id",        "version": "2",        "action": "execute",        "action_parameters":        {          "id": "{managedRulesetID}",          "version": "latest"        },        "expression": " eq \"\",        "last_updated": "2020-10-20T22:21:57.943241Z",        "ref": "reference-id",        "enabled": true      }    ],    "last_updated": "2020-07-20T10:44:29.124515Z"  }}