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JSON object

Ruleset object

A fully populated ruleset object has the following JSON structure.

{    "id": "ruleset_id",    "name": "Example Ruleset",    "description": Description of Example Ruleset",    "kind": "managed",    "version": "2",    "rules": [      {        "id": "rule-id",        "version": "2",        "action": "block",        "expression": " eq \"\"  ",        "last_updated": "2020-07-20T10:44:29.124515Z"      }    ],    "last_updated": "2020-07-20T10:44:29.124515Z",  }


The table lists the properties of a ruleset object

idRepresents the unique Cloudflare-generated identifier for a given version of a ruleset32-character UUIDv4 stringUnique, read-only
nameA human-readable name for the ruleset.StringThe name is immutable. You cannot change the name over the lifetime of the ruleset
descriptionOptional description for the ruleset.StringYou can change the description over the lifetime of the ruleset.
kindThe kind of ruleset the JSON object represents.

There are three kinds of ruleset:

  • root
  • managed
  • custom

kind is immutable.
versionThe version of the rulesetAn integer value that starts at 1 and increments by 1 each time the ruleset is modifiedRead-only
rulesA list of rules to include in the rulesetAn array of JSON objects
last_updatedThe time (UTC) when the ruleset was last updatedISO 8601 timestamp in the format YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.TZDRead-only