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For some operations, you can use specific endpoints provided by the Rulesets API for managing the rulesets of phases. These endpoints include the phase name in the endpoint instead of the ruleset ID.

For example, instead of using the following endpoint:

PUT /zones/{zone-id}/rulesets/{ruleset-id}

You can use the following endpoint:

PUT /zones/{zone-id}/rulesets/phases/http_request_firewall_managed/entrypoint

To invoke a Cloudflare Rulesets API operation, append the endpoint to the Cloudflare API base URL:

For authentication instructions, see Getting Started: Requests in the Cloudflare API documentation.

For help with endpoints and pagination, see Getting Started: Endpoints.

The Cloudflare Rulesets API supports the operations outlined below. Visit the associated links for examples.

List and view rulesets

List existing rulesetsGET

Returns the list of existing rulesets at the account level or at the zone level.

View a specific rulesetGET

Returns the properties of the most recent version of a specific ruleset.

List all versions of a rulesetGET

Returns a list of all the versions of a ruleset.

View a specific version of a rulesetGET

Returns the configuration of a specific version of a ruleset, including its rules.

List rules in a Managed Ruleset with a specific tagGET

Returns a list of all the rules in a Managed Ruleset with a specific tag.

Create rulesets

Create rulesetPOST

Creates a new ruleset.

Update and deploy rulesets

Update or deploy a rulesetPUT

Updates the basic properties of a ruleset and the list of rules in the ruleset.
Allows you to deploy Managed Rulesets.

Update a rule in a rulesetPATCH

Updates the definition of a single rule within a ruleset.
Allows you to change the order of a rule in a ruleset.