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Work with managed rulesets

Managed rulesets are rulesets your account is entitled to deploy but does not own. The owner of a managed ruleset is the ruleset issuer.

The issuer configures the default action and status for each rule in the ruleset. Only the issuer can modify the ruleset. The following code shows a rule configuration in a managed ruleset.

"rules": [      {        "id": "{rule-id}",        "version": "1",        "action": "block",        "categories": [          "drupal",          "header",          "wordpress"        ],        "last_updated": "2020-10-06T13:42:43.969912Z",        "ref": "{reference}",        "enabled": true      }]

The issuer can add categories tags to rules in managed rulesets they own. Rules can have more than one categories tag. The rule in the example above is tagged with three categories.

You cannot edit or delete a managed ruleset, but you can override the configured default values when you deploy the ruleset from your root ruleset. You can override the behavior of an entire ruleset, the behavior of rules within a category, or the behavior of individual rules. You can delete the deployment of a managed ruleset from your root ruleset.

Available Managed Rulesets

Cloudflare provides the following managed rulesets:

Cloudflare Managed RulesetCreated by the Cloudflare security team, this ruleset provides fast and effective protection for all of your applications. The ruleset is updated frequently to cover new vulnerabilities and reduce false positives.
Cloudflare OWASP Core RulesetCloudflare's implementation of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) ModSecurity Core Rule Set. Cloudflare routinely monitors for updates from OWASP based on the latest version available from the official code repository.

Versions of Rulesets

Issuers can create new versions of a managed ruleset. Multiple versions of a managed ruleset can be in use at the same time. When you deploy a managed ruleset, the most recent version of the ruleset is selected by default.

Get started

To view your rulesets, see view rulesets.

To deploy a managed ruleset from your root ruleset, see deploy a managed ruleset.

You cannot edit a managed ruleset, but you can customize managed ruleset behavior by using overrides when deploying it from your root ruleset. See override a managed ruleset.