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Deploy rulesets

Use the Rulesets API to deploy or execute a ruleset. Add a rule with "action": "execute" to a phase, specifying the Ruleset ID as an action parameter. This rule executes the ruleset. Use a separate rule for each ruleset you want to deploy.

A rule that deploys a ruleset consists of:

  • The ID of the ruleset you want to deploy.
  • An expression.
  • An action. To deploy a ruleset, set the action to execute. The rules in the ruleset are executed when a request satisfies the expression.


The following example deploys a Managed Ruleset to the http_request_firewall_managed phase of a given zone ({zone-id}).

When deploying to a zone-level phase, you must set expression to true, since the zone scope is already defined in the endpoint.

Requestcurl -X PUT \-H "X-Auth-Email:" \-H "X-Auth-Key: REDACTED" \"{zone-id}/rulesets/phases/http_request_firewall_managed/entrypoint" \-d '{  "rules": [    {      "action": "execute",      "action_parameters": {        "id": "{cloudflare-managed-ruleset-id}"      },      "expression": "true",      "description": "Execute Cloudflare Managed Ruleset on my zone ruleset"    }  ]}'
Response{  "result": {    "id": "{zone-level-phase-ruleset-id}",    "name": "Zone-level Ruleset 1",    "description": "",    "kind": "zone",    "version": "latest",    "rules": [      {        "id": "{rule-id}",        "version": "1",        "action": "execute",        "action_parameters": {          "id": "{cloudflare-managed-ruleset-id}",          "version": "3"        },        "expression": "true",        "description": "Execute Cloudflare Managed Ruleset on my zone ruleset",        "last_updated": "2021-03-18T18:08:14.003361Z",        "ref": "{ruleset-ref}",        "enabled": true      }    ],    "last_updated": "2021-03-18T18:08:14.003361Z",    "phase": "http_request_firewall_managed"  },  "success": true,  "errors": [],  "messages": []}

Check Work with Managed Rulesets and Work with custom rulesets for more information on working with Managed Rulesets and custom rulesets.

For more information on the available API endpoints for editing and deploying rulesets, check Update and deploy rulesets.

For examples of deploying rulesets, see Workflow examples.