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Configure the root ruleset for your account

Use the following API endpoint to create the root ruleset for your account.

curl -X POST "{account-id}/rulesets"

In the data field, include the following parameters.

  • name - The name for your ruleset. You cannot change the change the name after creating the root ruleset.
  • kind: root - Indicates that the ruleset type is root. You cannot edit this.
  • description - Optional. You can update this when editing your root ruleset.

The example below uses a POST request to create a root ruleset.

curl -X POST "{account-id}/rulesets"     --data '{          "name": "Root Ruleset for my account",          "description": "My Root Ruleset",          "kind": "root"     }'

The response contains the id and version of your ruleset.

{    "id": "{Root ruleset ID}",    "name": "Root Ruleset for my account",    "description": "My Root Ruleset",    "kind": "root",    "version": "1",    "last_updated": "2020-10-06T16:10:04.209198Z",    "phase": "http_request_main"  }

Edit your root ruleset

Use the following API endpoint to edit your root ruleset.

curl -X PUT "{account-id}/rulesets/{root-ruleset-id}"

You can update the description for the root ruleset, and the rules that your root ruleset deploys.

You cannot update the name of the root ruleset or the kind of ruleset. Do not include them in the data field of your PUT request.

The PUT request in the example below updates the description for a root ruleset. The request creates a new version of the root ruleset.

$ curl -X PUT "{account-id}/rulesets/{root-ruleset-id}" \    --data '{"description": "New description for my root ruleset" }'


{    "id": "{root-ruleset-id}",    "name": "My account root ruleset",    "description": "New description for my root ruleset",    "kind": "root",    "version": "2",    "last_updated": "2020-10-08T13:09:40.580066Z",    "phase": "http_request_main"  }

Note that the root ruleset in the examples above does not contain rules that deploy rulesets.

To add a rule that deploys a ruleset, refer to deploy a ruleset from your root ruleset.