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Use Rules Lists

Rules Lists allow you to create a group of IP addresses and refer to them collectively, by name, in your firewall rule expressions. For an introduction, see Rules Lists.

Access the Lists interface

Because Rules Lists are stored at the account level, the Lists interface is located in your account Configurations page, not the Cloudflare dashboard.

To access the Lists interface, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Cloudflare account.
  2. Click on your account name or profile picture in the header and select Account Home.
  3. Click the Configurations tab.
  4. Select Lists.

The Lists user interface displays. Lists UI

Create your first Rules List

Creating a Rules Lists involves two steps:

  1. Create a Firewall Rules list.
  2. Add IP addresses to the list.

Use Rules Lists in expressions

To use Rules Lists in the Cloudflare dashboard, see Use lists in expressions.