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Edit Firewall Rule expressions


The Expression Editor is a text-only interface for creating Firewall Rule expressions. Although it lacks the visual simplicity of the Expression Builder, the Expression Editor supports the entire specification of Cloudflare's Rules language.

For example, only the Expression Editor supports grouping symbols. Cloudflare designed the Rules language with Wireshark Display Filters® in mind, so although there are some subtle differences, Wireshark users should feel right at home with Cloudflare rules and be able to easily port their existing rules to Cloudflare.

Use the Expression Editor

The Expression Editor is located in the Create Firewall Rule and Edit Firewall Rule panels. The editor supports all available Rules language fields, operators, and transformation functions. It also supports parentheses as grouping symbols.

To edit an expression in the editor:

  1. In the Firewall Rules tab, use the Create a Firewall rule button to create a new rule, or click the wrench icon to edit an existing rule.

    Firewall Rules tab

    The Create Firewall Rule page displays.

  2. To switch to the Expression Editor in the Create Firewall Rule page, click Edit expression.

    Edit Expression link in Create Firewall Rule page

  3. Use the text input to edit your expression. To commit your changes, click Deploy or Save as draft.

To switch from the editor to the Expression Builder, click Use expression builder.

Expression Editor

In general, you can switch back and forth between the Expression Builder and the Expression Editor. However, if you use parentheses to nest expressions in the editor, you will not be able to switch to the Expression Builder, because the builder does not support nested expressions.

Create nested expressions

A key advantage of the Expression Editor is support for parentheses as grouping symbols, which allow you to explicitly group and nest expressions and, in turn, create highly targeted expressions.

This example a rule that challenges any visitor who is not from Malaysia and tries to access WordPress URI paths.

Expression editor example

Only the Expression Editor supports nested expressions such as the one above. If you create a rule with nested expressions in the Expression Editor and try to switch to the Expression Builder, a dialog will warn you that the expression is not supported in the builder. You will be prompted to Discard changes and switch to the Expression Builder or Cancel and continue working in the editor.

Warning dialog

Cloudflare validates all expressions before saving them, so if your expression is malformed, you will receive an error message, as shown in this screenshot:

Error message

The Expression Editor supports the entire Cloudflare Rules language. For a complete listing of supported fields and operators, as well as guidance on using grouping symbols, refer to Rules language.