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Optimize site speed

Learning path

Learn more about how Cloudflare can accelerate your website and improve performance.

​​ Before you begin

~30 mins

Before you can improve your site’s performance, make sure you have already added that site to Cloudflare.

Contains 1 units

​​ Optimization - By default

Contains 1 units

​​ Optimizations - One click needed

~1 hour

Once your domain is onboarded and your DNS records are proxied through Cloudflare, Cloudflare offers the following one-click optimizations for speeding up your site:

Contains 6 units

​​ Optimization - Minimal setup

~45 min

Contains 2 units
  • Bulk redirects
    By using Bulk Redirects or Page Rules for URL forwarding, you can perform redirects at Cloudflare’s edge network instead of making requests travel all the way to your origin server.
  • Customize caching
    With a few clicks, you can also adjust your cache settings to make resources more cacheable and improve cache hit rates.

​​ Explore dedicated speed products

~45 mins

Cloudflare offers several dedicated products to improve the performance of your website.

Contains 10 units
  • Image Optimization
    Choose between Cloudflare Images, Cloudflare Image Resizing, and Polish, three products tailored to your different image needs.
  • Load Balancing
    Maximize application performance and availability by distributing traffic across your servers.
  • Network Interconnect
    Connect your network infrastructure directly with Cloudflare – rather than using the public Internet – for a more reliable and secure experience.
  • Cloudflare Pages
    Deploy your dynamic front-end applications using Cloudflare Pages. Pages are super fast, always up to date, and deployed directly from your Git provider.
  • Railgun
    Improve caching for dynamic content.
  • Stream
    Cloudflare Stream lets you or your end users upload, store, encode, and deliver live and on-demand video with one API, without configuring or maintaining infrastructure.
  • Waiting Room
    Maintain performance during traffic overloads by routing excess users away from your application and into a queue.
  • Web3 Gateways
    Increase speed and security for Web3 apps using our IPFS and Ethereum gateways.
  • Workers
    Deploy serverless code instantly across the globe to give it exceptional performance, reliability, and scale.
  • Zaraz
    Load third-party tools without slowing down your website.

​​ Next steps

~30 mins

Contains 1 units