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Optimize site speed

Cloudflare offers a variety of features designed to improve latency and page load time and — by extension — user experience and SEO.

​​ Optimization options

​​ Default optimizations

Cloudflare provides lightning fast DNS resolution, so you likely will see speed improvements by onboarding your domain to Cloudflare.

​​ One-click optimizations

Once your domain is onboarded and your DNS records are proxied through Cloudflare, Cloudflare offers the following one-click options for speeding up your site:

​​ Optimization with minimal setup

Simply by using Bulk Redirects or Page Rules for URL forwarding, you can perform redirects at Cloudflare’s edge network instead of at your origin server.

With a few clicks, you can also adjust your cache settings to make resources more cacheable and improve cache hit rates.

​​ Dedicated products

Cloudflare offers a several products dedicated to improving site speed and availability:

  • Image Optimization: Optimizes image storage and delivery.
  • Load Balancing: Distributes traffic across your origin servers.
  • Network Interconnect: Connects your network infrastructure directly with Cloudflare.
  • Pages: Builds and deploys dynamic front-end applications.
  • Railgun: Improves caching for dynamic content.
  • Stream: Offers storage, encoding, and adaptive bitrate playback for your video infrastruture.
  • Waiting Room: Routes excess users away from your application and into a queue.
  • Web3 Gateways: Increase speed and security for Web3 apps using our IPFS and Ethereum gateways.
  • Workers: Lets you build serverless functions.
  • Zaraz: Loads third-party tools without slowing down your website.

​​ SEO optimizations

For more guidance on optimizing SEO, refer to Improve SEO with Cloudflare.