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Add a site

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In clientless ZTWA deployments, users connect to internal applications via public hostnames. You will need to own a domain, add it to Cloudflare, and configure Cloudflare as the authoritative DNS provider for that domain. Enterprise customers who cannot change their authoritative DNS provider have the option to configure a partial (CNAME) setup.

You only need to add one domain to Cloudflare, since you can create an infinite number of subdomains to manage all of your private applications.

​​ Add a site to Cloudflare

  1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard.

  2. Select Add a site.

  3. Enter your website’s apex domain (

  4. Select a plan for this website. Everything you need to do with the domain in Cloudflare Zero Trust is available on the Free plan.

  5. Select Continue. Cloudflare will scan your website for any configured DNS records.

  6. Review your DNS records and select Continue.

  7. Once you have added a domain (also known as a zone) to Cloudflare, that domain will receive two assigned authoritative nameservers.

    Before your domain can begin using Cloudflare for DNS resolution, you need to add these nameservers at your registrar. Make sure DNSSEC is disabled at this point.

  8. (Optional) Follow the Quick Start Guide to configure security and performance settings.

Registrars can take up to 24 hours to process nameserver changes. Your domain must be in an Active status before you can use it for Zero Trust Web Access.