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Available products and features

The following products and features are available on the Cloudflare China Network operated by JD Cloud:

​​ Application services

DNSDNS resolution serviceAuthoritative DNS resolution inside mainland China.
CDNCachingCore cache features. Static cache only. Does not support Cache Reserve or Tiered Cache.
CDNImage transformationsOptimize image format at the edge to fit a domain’s layout.
DDoS ProtectionLayer 7 (HTTP/HTTPS) DDoS protectionLayer 7 (application layer) protection against DDoS attacks such as HTTP flood attacks, WordPress Pingback attacks, HULK attacks, and LOIC attacks.
Web Application Firewall (WAF)WAF Managed RulesPre-configured OWASP rulesets and Cloudflare managed rulesets.
Web Application Firewall (WAF)WAF custom rulesCustom WAF rules. Supports uploaded content scanning and managed challenges.
Web Application Firewall (WAF)Rate limiting rulesDefine rate limits for incoming requests matching an expression, and the action to take when those rate limits are reached.
Page ShieldPage ShieldSimplifies external script management by tracking loaded resources like scripts and providing alerts when it detects new resources or malicious scripts.
Bot ManagementBot detection and mitigationProvides bot identification and protection for a domain. Only supports certain Machine Learning (ML) models.
Argo Smart RoutingLayer 7 smart routingLayer 7 (application layer) traffic smart-routed more efficiently to origin.
RulesPage Rules (deprecated), Bulk Redirects, Transform Rules, Origin RulesMake adjustments to requests and responses, configure Cloudflare settings, and trigger specific actions for matching requests.

​​ Developer services

WorkersServerless computingA serverless execution environment running on the Cloudflare global network.
PagesServerless front-end applicationsDeploy dynamic front-end applications in record time.

​​ Network services

Supported protocolsIPv6All data centers have IPv6 support by default.
Supported protocolsSSL/TLSCustomer Certificate, Dedicated Certificate, Universal Certificate, Custom, ACM (Dedicated), Universal SSL.
Supported protocolsHTTP/3 (QUIC)The latest version of the HTTP protocol to optimize page loading performance.
Supported protocolsWebSocketsReal-time communication with Cloudflare Workers serverless functions.

​​ Other services

AnalyticsWeb AnalyticsReal-time traffic, security, and data monitoring.
LogsInstant LogsLive Tail your Cloudflare HTTP logs in the Cloudflare Dashboard.

For more details or specific product features, contact your account team.