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Get started

​​ Step 1 — Contract required services and agree to supplemental terms

  1. Ensure that you have a Cloudflare Enterprise plan. If you do not have an Enterprise plan yet, you must upgrade.
  2. Add the Cloudflare China Network package (a separate subscription) to your Enterprise plan.
  3. Agree to the China Service Supplemental Terms.

Contact your sales team for more information on these steps.

​​ Step 2 — Obtain ICP and vet domain content

  1. Obtain Internet Content Provider (ICP) filings or licenses for all the apex domains you wish to onboard.

  2. Present valid ICP filings or licenses for the zones you are onboarding.

  3. Ensure that your websites display their ICP number in the page footer.

  4. Prepare the required information for JD Cloud to review the content on your domains. JD Cloud, a Cloudflare partner, is required to review and vet the content of all domains on their network before enabling them. You will need to provide the following information:

    • Customer and company name.
    • Domain name.
    • ICP license/filing number.
    • A general description of the content of each domain.
    • A signed Self Attestation letter (provided by your sales team).

​​ Step 3 — Onboard your domains to the Cloudflare China Network

After content vetting is complete, add your domains to Cloudflare.

It will take a minimum of 24 hours to enable user traffic (that is, until DNS starts answering with JD Cloud’s network IP addresses).