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Cloudflare Page Shield

Page Shield provides you with visibility on the scripts loaded on your domain’s pages, and helps you detect attacks happening in your end users' browsers.

Page Shield includes the following features:

  • Scripts dashboards: The Active Scripts and All Reported Scripts dashboards display information about scripts detected in your domain’s pages.
  • Page attribution: Allows you to find in which page a script first appeared, and view a list of the latest occurrences of the script in your pages.
  • Malicious script detection: Detects malicious scripts in your pages using threat intelligence and machine learning.
  • Code change detection: Detects any changes in the scripts loaded in your pages.
  • Alerts: Receive notifications about newly detected scripts, scripts loaded from unknown domains, new scripts considered malicious, or code changes in your existing scripts.

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​​ Availability

w/ add-on
Scripts dashboardsYesYesYesYes
New Script Alerts
and New Domain Alerts
Page attributionYesYesYes
Malicious script detection
and alerting
Code change detection
and alerting