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API commands

Cloudflare Waiting Room redirect visitors to virtual waiting rooms when they are trying to access web pages that have high volumes of traffic.

The Cloudflare Waiting Room API provides an interface for programmatically managing waiting rooms.

​​ Request URL format

To invoke a Cloudflare Waiting Room API operation, append the endpoint to the Cloudflare API base URL:

For authentication instructions, refer to Getting Started: Requests in the Cloudflare API documentation.

For help with endpoints and pagination, refer to Getting Started: Endpoints.

​​ Manage your waiting room

OperationMethod + URL stubNotes
List waiting roomsGET zones/{:zone_identifier}/waiting_roomsList all waiting rooms for a zone.
Create waiting roomPOST zones/{:zone_identifier}/waiting_roomsCreate a waiting room.
Waiting room detailsGET zones/{:zone_identifier}/waiting_rooms/{:identifier}Fetch a waiting room.
Update waiting roomPUT zones/{:zone_identifier}/waiting_rooms/{:identifier}Update a waiting room.
Delete waiting roomDELETE zones/{:zone_identifier}/waiting_rooms/{:identifier}Delete a waiting room.
Patch waiting roomPATCH zones/{:zone_identifier}/waiting_rooms/{:identifier}Patch a configured waiting room.

​​ Fetch the current status of a waiting room

OperationMethod + URL stubNotes
Get the current status of a waiting roomGET zones/{:zone_identifier}/waiting_rooms/{:identifier}/status
  • Returns queueing if the queue is activated (clients are put in the waiting room).
  • Returns not_queueing if the queue is not activated or if the waiting room is suspended.