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Workers KV is included in both the Free and Paid Workers plans.

Free plan1Paid plan
Read requests100,000 / day10 million/month, + $0.50/million
Write requests1,000 / day1 million/month, + $5.00/million
Delete requests1,000 / day1 million/month, + $5.00/million
List requests1,000 / day1 million/month, + $5.00/million
Stored data1 GB1 GB, + $0.50/ GB-month

1 The Workers Free plan includes limited Workers KV usage. All limits reset daily at 00:00 UTC. If you exceed any one of these limits, further operations of that type will fail with an error.

​​ Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions related to KV pricing:

Each key-value pair in the PUT request is counted as a single write, identical to how each call to PUT in the Workers API counts as a write. Writing 5,000 keys via the REST API incurs the same write costs as making 5,000 PUT calls in a Worker.

  • Do queries I issue from the dashboard or wrangler (the CLI) count as billable usage?

Yes, any operations via the Cloudflare dashboard or wrangler, including updating (writing) keys, deleting keys, and listing the keys in a namespace count as billable KV usage.

  • Does Workers KV charge for data transfer / egress?