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Waiting Room
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Get started with Cloudflare Waiting Room

Before you begin

Before you start this tutorial, make sure you have:

1. Plan out your waiting room

Before you create your waiting room, think about how you want it to appear and operate.


Which page will you cover with a waiting room? You can only have one waiting room per page, so you need to identify the high-traffic areas of your website.

Specify the URL for your page by setting the hostname and path in your configuration settings.


Do you want visitors to reach your high-traffic page:

Appearance (optional)

Some customers can customize the design of their waiting room by editing the page HTML and CSS.

If you have this ability, think about how you want the page to appear.

2. Create your waiting room

Create your waiting room by:

3. Deploy your waiting room

After you have created your waiting room, you might also want to: