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Now that you have learned how Area 1 can protect your inbox from phishing attacks and the two main integration methods, refer to the following resources to onboard and enhance your email security posture:

Phish submissionsAs part of your continuous email security posture, administrators and security analysts need to submit missed phish samples to Area 1 Service Addresses so Cloudflare can process them and take necessary action. Refer to this guide for more information.
Inline integrationRefer to this guide to get started with the Area 1 inline integration method.
Business email compromise (BEC)BEC protects against attackers trying to impersonate organizational leaders.
Trusted domainsTrusted domains allows you to identify domains that should be exempted from Area 1 detections.
Message allow patternsAllowed patterns exempts messages that match certain patterns from normal detection scanning.
Sender block listsBlocked senders can mark all messages from specific senders with a MALICIOUS disposition.
Admin quarantineAdmin Quarantine allows you to automatically prevent incoming messages from reaching a recipient’s inbox based on the disposition assigned by Area 1.
DMARC Management (beta)Cloudflare DMARC Management helps you track every source that is sending emails from your domain and review Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) reports for each source.