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Now that you have learned how Area 1 can protect your inbox from phishing attacks and the two main integration methods, refer to the following resources to onboard and enhance your email security posture:

Phish submissionsAs part of your continuous email security posture, administrators and security analysts need to submit missed phish samples to Area 1 Service Addresses so Cloudflare can process them and take necessary action. Refer to this guide for more information.
Inline integrationRefer to this guide to get started with the Area 1 inline integration method.
API integrationRefer to this guide to get started with the Area 1 API integration method.
Email retractionWith journaling, BCC or MS Graph configured, use email retraction to take post-delivery actions against suspicious messages.
Email link isolationEmail Link Isolation rewrites links that could be exploited, alerts users when there is uncertainty around the website they are visiting, and protects against malware and vulnerabilities through Cloudflare Browser Isolation.
Business email compromise (BEC)BEC protects against attackers trying to impersonate organizational leaders.
Trusted domainsTrusted domains allows you to identify domains that should be exempted from Area 1 detections.
Message allow patternsAllowed patterns exempts messages that match certain patterns from normal detection scanning.
Sender block listsBlocked senders can mark all messages from specific senders with a MALICIOUS disposition.
Admin quarantineAdmin Quarantine allows you to automatically prevent incoming messages from reaching a recipient’s inbox based on the disposition assigned by Area 1.
DMARC Management (beta)Cloudflare DMARC Management helps you track every source that is sending emails from your domain and review Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) reports for each source.