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KV namespaces

A KV namespace is a key-value database replicated to Cloudflare’s global network.

Bind your KV namespaces through Wrangler or via the Cloudflare dashboard.

​​ Bind your KV namespace through Wrangler

To bind KV namespaces to your Worker, assign an array of the below object to the kv_namespaces key.

  • binding string required

    • The binding name used to refer to the KV namespace.
  • id string required

    • The ID of the KV namespace.
  • preview_id string optional

    • The ID of the KV namespace used during wrangler dev.


kv_namespaces = [
{ binding = "<TEST_NAMESPACE>", id = "<TEST_ID>" }

​​ Bind your KV namespace via the dashboard

To bind the namespace to your Worker in the Cloudflare dashboard:

  1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard.
  2. Go to Workers & Pages.
  3. Select your Worker.
  4. Select Settings > Variables.
  5. Go to KV Namespace Bindings.
  6. Select Add binding.