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Waiting Room
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Cloudflare Waiting Room cookie

A waiting room only uses the __cfwaitingroom cookie when a visitor requests access to a host and path combination with an enabled and associated waiting room. When the waiting room is suspended, traffic goes to the origin and the __cfwaitingroom cookie is not created. The __cfwaitingroom cookie is encrypted and cookies copied to another device will not work.

  • While a visitor stays in a waiting room, the __cfwaitingroom cookie is set to expire in 24 hours.
  • When the visitor accesses the application, the __cfwaitingroom cookie expires after an interval (specified by session_duration).

The __cfwaitingroom cookie is used to:

  • Track a user's position in the waiting room queue and serve them in the correct order.
  • Monitor each visitor's duration in the application to provide an accurate entry time to visitors queueing in the waiting room.
  • To allow re-entry for a period of time (specified by session_duration) without going back in the waiting room.