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Waiting Room
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Customize a Waiting Room

To design and preview the appearance of a waiting room, select the Customization tab in the Create Waiting Room page.

Cloudflare offers options to customize the appearance of your waiting room:

  • Default waiting room: An unbranded waiting room that displays an estimated waiting time to visitors.
  • Custom waiting room: Edit template text or create your own HTML code:
    • You can edit the HTML content in a text box within the Customization page.
    • Alternatively, you can import a HTML file.

Default waiting room

To choose the default, unbranded waiting room, click Default Waiting Room.

Choose default waiting room

Custom waiting room

To customize a waiting room, click Custom Waiting Room. A text box containing editable template text displays.

Choose custom waiting room

You can edit the HTML code directly in the text box.

  • Click Download Template to download a HTML file containing the default template content to your computer.
  • Click Download to download a HTML file containing the text box content to your computer.
  • Click Copy to copy the text from the text box to your clipboard, then paste it into an editor of your choice.

The template text contains code to display the wait time. If you want to display the estimated wait time to visitors, do not delete this content.

Upload a Waiting Room HTML file

  1. Click Import to upload a HTML file from your computer.
  2. Select the file in the dialog and click Open. The file displays in the text box. You can make further edits in the text box. Include the code to display the wait time to display the estimated queue time on the waiting room page.

Display wait time

The following content in the <main> section of the template HTML code displays the wait time:

<h2 id="time-remaining">        <noscript>          {{#waitTimeKnown}}Your estimated wait time is {{waitTime}}          minutes...{{/waitTimeKnown}} {{^waitTimeKnown}}Your estimated wait          time is unavailable.{{/waitTimeKnown}}        </noscript>     </h2>

The following script within the <body> section after <main> fetches the wait time:

<script type="text/javascript">      var remainingEl = document.getElementById('time-remaining');      var waitTime = {{waitTime}};      var waitTimeKnown = {{waitTimeKnown}};
      var remainingString = 'Your estimated wait time is ';
      if (!waitTimeKnown) {        remainingString += 'unavailable.'      } else {        if (waitTime === 1) {          remainingString += waitTime + ' minute...';        } else {          remainingString += waitTime + ' minutes...';        }      }
      remainingEl.innerText = remainingString;    </script>

Preview waiting room

Click Preview Waiting Room to preview the waiting room.

  • Choose Queueing to display the waiting room appearance when it is enabled on the dashboard and Queue all is disabled.
  • Choose Queue All to display the waiting room appearance when it is enabled on the dashboard and Queue all is enabled. When Queue all is enabled for a waiting room, the estimated wait time is not displayed.

Next steps

Click Next or the Review tab to review and save your waiting room.