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Waiting Room
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Configure settings from the Cloudflare dashboard

To configure settings for a waiting room, select the Settings tab in the Create Waiting Room page.

Waiting Rooms Settings

The table below describes the Settings fields that you can configure in the dashboard, and indicates the equivalent Waiting Room API parameter for each setting.

Dashboard SettingAPI parameterRequired or optionalDescription
NamenameRequiredUnique waiting room name.
HostnamehostRequiredHost name for which the waiting room will be applied (no wildcards).Do not include http:// or https://.
PathpathOptionalSpecific path within the host where the waiting room will be applied. The waiting room will be enabled for all subpaths. Wildcards and query parameters are not supported.
Total active userstotal_active_usersRequiredThe maximum number of active sessions allowed in host/path at a given time. The maximum recommended value is 80% to 85% of the traffic capacity that your origin can handle.
New users per minutenew_users_per_minuteRequiredAmount of new users per minute that can be allowed into host/path: less than or equal to target concurrent users.
Session durationsession_durationOptionalThe amount of time in minutes that a user who left host/path can come directly back without having to go into the Waiting Room.
DescriptiondescriptionOptionalDescription of the Waiting Room.

Next steps

Click Next or the Customization tab to modify the waiting room page design.