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Support mobile app traffic

If you need to manage mobile app traffic, Cloudflare provides a JSON-friendly waiting room that sits in front of your API endpoints:

  1. When a user is queued, we return our own JSON response.
  2. When a user leaves the waiting room, we forward their request to your origin server and return your default JSON.

Since the format of the waiting room response is controlled by an HTTP header (Accept: application/json or Accept: text/html), a single waiting room can handle both mobile and web traffic.

​​ Before you begin

This tutorial assumes you have previously planned out and created a waiting room.

​​ Step 1 — Prepare your mobile app

​​ Integrate waiting room variables

To utilize a waiting room, you need to create a new template in your mobile app to receive the JSON response. For a full list of these variables, refer to the json_response_enabled parameter in the Cloudflare API docs.

​​ Allow cookies

Since a waiting room requires cookies, your mobile app will need to support cookies. For ease of use, consider using a cookie manager like CookieJar.

​​ Step 2 — Enable JSON response

To receive a JSON response, you first need to enable that option on your waiting room:

​​ Step 3 — Get JSON data

To get the JSON data associated with a waiting room, make a request to that endpoint with the header Accept: application/json.

header: Request
curl -X GET "" \
    -H "Accept: application/json"
"cfWaitingRoom": {
"inWaitingRoom": true,
"waitTime": 5,
"waitTimeKnown": true,
"waitTimeFormatted": "5 minutes",
"queueIsFull": false,
"queueAll": false,
"lastUpdated": "2021-08-03T23:46:00.000Z",
"refreshIntervalSeconds": 20