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Waiting Room
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Waiting Room cookie

The __cfwaitingroom cookie is used only when a visitor requests access to a host and path combination that has an enabled associated Waiting Room. When the waiting room is suspended, traffic goes to the origin and the __cfwaitingroom cookie is not created. The __cfwaitingroom cookie is encrypted, and cookies copied to another device won't work.

  • While a visitor stays in a waiting room, the __cfwaitingroom cookie is set to expire in 24 hours.
  • When the visitor accesses the application, the __cfwaitingroom cookie expires after an interval (session_duration) configured in waiting room settings.

The __cfwaitingroom cookie is used for the following functions:

  • To keep track of a user's position in the waiting room queue, to serve the visitors in the correct order.
  • To monitor the amount of time that visitors stay in the application, and track when they leave, so that an accurate entry time is available to visitors queueing in the waiting room.
  • To provide known-user functionality: If a visitor leaves the application, the cookie allows re-entry within a specified amount of time (session_duration) without going back in the waiting room. For example, if a visitor wishes to make a purchase at, they queue in a waiting room before entering the online store app. However, if the visitor leaves the store app but forgets to add a note to the order or request a receipt, they can re-enter the application without re-entering the waiting room, if the cookie has not expired.