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Investigate threats

Users can search based on the IP address, domain name, URL or AS number.

The search results will display the following information:

​​ Overview

  • Categorization: A domain can have multiple categories. Cloudflare displays both the parent category and the detailed child category.

    You can view and request categorization for a domain. Uncategorized domains can also request to have a category added. This request goes through an approval process through the Cloudflare team.

  • IP resolution (current)

  • API curl


  • Creation date of the domain
  • Most recent update
  • Registrant (if available)
  • Registrar
  • Nameservers (if available)
  • API curl

​​ Domain history

  • Category
  • Changed On
  • API curl

​​ Overview

  • Type (IPv4 / IPv6)
  • ASN Info

​​ Passive DNS Records

  • Hostname
  • First seen timestamp
  • Last seen timestamp

​​ Overview

  • Country, description and Type
  • Domain count and Top 10 domains (if count >10)
  • Subnets
  • API curls (for AS Number overview and for Subnets)

​​ Geographical distribution

  • Percent of traffic distribution
  • API curl

​​ Application Level Attacks

  • Distribution of Layer 7 attacks by mitigation techniques deployed to block them
  • Layer 7 attack volume since last scan

​​ Network Level Attacks

  • Distribution of Layer 3/4 attacks by protocol deployed to block them
  • Layer 3/4 attack volume since last scan

​​ Analyze

You can upload a JavaScript file to scan for malicious content using the Analyze feature.

The scanner provides a percentage of integrity, a general measurement of safety, for the file. You can decide what percentage of integrity is safe to use.

Contact your account team if you are interested in enabling this feature.