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Cloudflare Security Center

Cloudflare Security Center brings together our suite of security products, our security expertise, and unique Internet intelligence as a unified security intelligence solution. Security Center enables you to strengthen your security posture by:

  • Mapping your cyber attack surface
  • Providing asset inventory and discovery
  • Identifying potential security risks, misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities
  • Helping you to mitigate these risks through remediation in a few clicks

​​ Main features

  • Security Insights: Review and manage potential security risks and vulnerabilities associated with your IT infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure: Review and manage your IT infrastructure.
  • Investigate: Investigate threats using data from Cloudflare’s global network.
  • Security Reports (beta): Gain visibility into requests blocked or challenged by the Cloudflare Application Security suite of products.
  • Brand Protection (beta): Search for new domains that may be attempting to impersonate your brand.

Get started

​​ Availability

Cloudflare Security Center is available to customers on all plans. If you have any comments, questions, or bugs to report, contact us at [email protected] or create a post in the Cloudflare Community forum.

The frequency of security scans depends on your Cloudflare plan — refer to Scan frequency for more information.

​​ Limitations

  • Users with a Administrator Read Only role cannot access the Cloudflare Security Center.
  • Only Cloudflare accounts with at least one Business or Enterprise zone, or accounts on the Teams Standard or Teams Enterprise plans, can manually start a new scan.