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Adding rules

To view examples for root rulesets, review the the Magic Firewall Terraform documentation.

Step 1: Check if you already have an existing root ruleset

If you're a new Magic Transit customer, you may not have a root ruleset created for your account.

API Example:

curl${account_id}/rulesets \-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \-H 'X-Auth-Email:' \-H 'X-Auth-Key: 00000000000'

An account without a root ruleset will return a response like this one:

{    "result": [],    "success": true,    "errors": [],    "messages": []}

Step 2: Add a ruleset with an existing rule

If you haven't setup any rules before, you'll need to make a POST call to create the root ruleset with some initial rules.

API Example:

curl -X POST${account_id}/rulesets \-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \-H 'X-Auth-Email:' \-H 'X-Auth-Key: 00000000000' \--data '{  "name": "Example ruleset",  "kind": "root",  "description": "Example ruleset description",  "phase": "magic_transit",  "rules": [    {      "action": "block",      "expression": "ip.src ==",      "description": "Block IP"    }  ]}'

Example response:

{  "result": {    "id": "4376358e00ec4c42b0450b1afed120bf",    "name": "Example ruleset",    "description": "Example ruleset description",    "kind": "root",    "version": "1",    "rules": [      {        "id": "02ad6deb502c4f82b7a2531e878ac003",        "version": "1",        "action": "block",        "expression": "ip.src ==",        "description": "Block IP"        "last_updated": "2020-10-21T20:25:35.473609Z",        "ref": "02ad6deb502c4f82b7a2531e878ac003",        "enabled": true      }    ],    "last_updated": "2020-10-21T20:25:35.473609Z",    "phase": "magic_transit"  },  "success": true,  "errors": [],  "messages": []}