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Security Center

  1 min read

Cloudflare Security Center brings together our suite of security products, our security expertise, and unique Internet intelligence as a unified security intelligence solution. Security Center enables you to strengthen your security posture by:

  • Mapping your cyber attack surface
  • Providing asset inventory and discovery
  • Identifying potential security risks, misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities
  • Helping you to mitigate these risks through remediation in a few clicks

​​ Setup

To enable Security Insights and perform an initial security scan:

  1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard and select your account.
  2. In the Account Home, go to Security Center > Security Insights.
  3. Under Enable Security Center scans, select Start scan.

The initial Security Insights scan will start. The initial scan time depends on the number of IT assets in all the domains of your Cloudflare account. When the scan is complete, the status of the page will change from Scan in Progress to Last scan performed on: <DATE_TIME>.