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Email Routing
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Email Routing is a zone-level feature. A zone has a top-level domain (the same as the zone name) and it can have subdomains (managed under the DNS feature.) As an example, you can have the zone, and then the and sub-domains under it.

You can use Email Routing with any subdomain of any zone in your account. Follow these steps to add Email Routing features to a new subdomain:

  1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard and select your account and zone.
  2. Go to Email > Email Routing > Settings, and select Add subdomain.

Once the subdomain is added and the DNS records are configured, you can see it in the Settings list under the Subdomains section.

Now you can go to Email > Email Routing > Routing rules and create new custom addresses that will show you the option of using either the top domain of the zone or any other configured subdomain.