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Cloudflare Web Analytics

Cloudflare Web Analytics provides free, privacy-first analytics for your website without changing your DNS or using Cloudflare’s proxy. Cloudflare Web Analytics helps you understand the performance of your web pages as experienced by your site visitors.

All you need to enable Cloudflare Web Analytics is a Cloudflare account and a JavaScript snippet on your page to start getting information on page views and visitors. The JavaScript snippet (also known as a beacon) collects metrics using the Performance API, which is available in all major web browsers.

Web Analytics supports Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR). Cloudflare’s servers will select the best resolution for each chart or table depending on the size of the data, the date range, your network connection, and other factors. For more information, refer to Explaining Cloudflare’s ABR Analytics.

The data displayed in Web Analytics is real user monitoring (RUM). For more information, refer to Real User Monitoring.

Cloudflare Web Analytics does not collect or use your visitors’ personal data.

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