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Transferring .UK domain to Cloudflare

Prerequisites for transferring a .UK domain:

  1. The domain must not be locked or suspended.
  2. There must be an active zone for the domain in your Cloudflare account.
  3. The domain must have Cloudflare name servers.
  4. The domain must not be expiring within the next 10 days.

How to transfer a .UK domain to Cloudflare

Cloudflare currently supports the transfer of .uk,,, and domains. To transfer a .uk domain to Cloudflare from another registrar follow these steps:

  1. Log in go the Cloudflare dashboard, select your account and click the Registrar tab.

  2. Select Transfer. Cloudflare will show you a list of domains that are eligible for transfer (see below for restrictions).

  3. Select the domains you wish to transfer.

  4. Proceed to checkout. Note that there is no fee to transfer a .uk domain and an additional year is NOT added during the transfer process.

  5. After checkout, request your current registrar to update the IPS tag to CLOUDFLARE.

  6. Cloudflare will receive a notice once your registrar updates the IPS tag. After that, we will finish transferring your domain.

Possible reasons a transfer may fail or be rejected:

  • The domain is locked or suspended.
  • The nameservers were updated after the checkout process.
  • The IPS tag update was made more than seven days after the checkout process.

Transferring a .UK domain to another Registrar

To transfer a .UK domain to another registrar, follow these steps:

  1. Log in go the Cloudflare dashboard.
  2. Select your account and in your Accounts Home click the Registrar tab.
  3. Select the domain you wish to transfer.
  4. Click Manage and navigate to the Configuration tab.
  5. Under Transfer Out, click Unlock.
  6. Enter the IPS tag of the registrar you wish to transfer to.
  7. Your new registrar is responsible for accepting the transfer. Cloudflare has no visibility into why a transfer might not be accepted by the new registrar.