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​​ 2024-06-18

Page Shield now captures HTTP cookies set and used by your web application. The list of detected cookies in available in the Cloudflare dashboard or via API.

​​ 2024-06-14

​​ Added filter operators for scripts and connections

You can now filter scripts and connections in the Cloudflare dashboard using the does not contain operator. Pages associated with scripts and connections can be filtered by includes, starts with, and ends with.

​​ 2024-04-26

​​ Suggestions for the default directive

When creating a policy in the dashboard, default directive aggregates suggestions of monitored scripts and connections data, enabling defining default directive easier.

​​ 2024-04-04

​​ Individual threat intelligence categories

Instead of aggregating categories of URL and domain data from threat intelligence, they are now listed per type.

​​ 2024-03-21

​​ Increase allowed length per policy

Now each policy supports up to 6,000 characters.