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Augment default analytics

  2 min read

Cloudflare provides analytics for security events, traffic patterns, and more according to the level of your zone’s plan.

To augment these default analytics and gather more information about potential DDoS attacks, explore the following options.

​​ Restore visitor IP addresses

When traffic proxied through Cloudflare reaches your origin server, it will come from Cloudflare’s IP addresses.

If needed, you can restore the original visitor’s IP address so you can have that information in your server logs.

​​ Cloudflare Logs

Enterprise customers can set up Logpush jobs to regularly send Cloudflare logs to the SIEM system of their choice.

This data can help when looking at long-term DDoS attack trends or when you need custom visualizations.

​​ Bot Management

For more detailed analytics about potential bot attacks, Enterprise customers can also purchase Bot Management.

For a full tour of Bot Analytics, see our blog post. At a high level, the tool includes:

  • Requests by bot score: View your total domain traffic and segment it vertically by traffic type. Keep an eye on automated and likely automated traffic.
  • Bot score distribution: View the number of requests assigned a bot score 1 through 99.
  • Bot score source: Identify the most common detection engines used to score your traffic. Hover over a tooltip to learn more about each engine.
  • Top requests by attribute: View more detailed information on specific IP addresses and other characteristics.

Bot Analytics shows up to one week of data at a time and can display data up to 30 days old. Bot Analytics displays data in real time in most cases.