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Session affinity

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When you enable session affinity, your load balancer directs all requests from a particular end user to a specific origin server. This continuity preserves information about the user session — such as items in their shopping cart — that might otherwise be lost if requests were spread out among multiple servers.

Session affinity can also help reduce network requests, leading to savings for customers with usage-based billing.

​​ How it works

Session affinity automatically directs requests from the same client to the same origin web server:

  1. When a client makes its first request, Cloudflare sets a __cflb cookie on the client (to track the associated origin web server).
  2. Subsequent requests by the same client are forwarded to that origin for the duration of the cookie and as long as the origin server remains healthy.
  3. If the cookie expires or the origin server becomes unhealthy, Cloudflare sets a new cookie tracking the new failover origin.

All cookie-based sessions default to 23 hours unless you set a custom session Time to live (TTL).

The session cookie is secure when Always Use HTTPS is enabled. Additionally, HttpOnly is always enabled for the cookie to prevent cross-site scripting attacks.